Saturday, April 18, 2009

RP Metra


CRUDO said...


jon said...

how amazing...I'm doing something similar with Steel Reserve.

Chicago is covered in trash, it's good there are people documenting it.

Christopher Hiltz said...

Your documentation on this blog is incredible, for real.
This is the best kind of social commentary, weather it's intended or not, that I've seen. I hope people pay you lots of money, if not now than someday, for your ideas. Great work!

Hollywood Beach said...

I see these all over Edgewater as well - just picked up two small 99cent sized bags in the courtyard of my condo building yesterday.

Edgewater Crime Blotter said...

After I stopped by I just had to have a bag of Cheetos with lunch. Should I hold on to the bag and take the El up to Morse tonight to drop it off?

Mike Stephen said...


My name is Mike Stephen, and I'm the host and producer of a radio show and podcast called Outside the Loop RADIO: Chicago's Almost Above-Ground Audio Magazine. It's a weekly program covering a broad range of topics with a strong local and independent slant, airing every Friday on WLUW-FM (88.7).

I'd love to record a phone interview with you about your blog. It would last about 7-10 minutes. Would you be around this evening (4/28) to record the interview? You can e-mail me at

The show has been around for over two years now, and has gained a dedicated local and regional following... and has received mentions at GapersBlock and a Chicago Tribune blog, as well as fantastic writeups in Time Out Chicago and the Chicago Tribune print edition. I'm a radio vet and put together a fun and professional show. All of the shows are archived online at

Please let me know how we can set this up!


Mike Stephen

Erin said...

Hey, I took a picture of a Cheeto bag in front of my house for you, but I can't find your email address, so here it is on my Flickr.